Copy Advice™ is an important service for advertisers, advertising/marketing agencies, media owners and media service providers who want to learn how their advertisements are assessed in terms of compliance with the Code of Ethics in Advertising at the design stage, before they are produced and broadcast. Copy Advice™ is a tool which is widely used in the European advertising industry. European experts find it extremely useful to ensure compliance with regulations and to avoid possible breaches or reputational risks.

The purpose of our Copy Advice™ service is to help advertisers, promoters and broadcasters identify potential ethical issues before they invest time and resources to implement their advertising ideas. We offer assistance in finding solutions in advertising and promotional activities that will mitigate the risk of a given advertisement being sued by consumers or companies.
We recommend that requests for Copy Advice™ be made at the early design and development stages of an advertisement (script, storyboard or animation). This saves costs in case it needs to be modified. In any case, we recommend that the final version of the advertisement be resubmitted for assessment to ensure that modifications that may have been introduced in its final implementation stage do not affect the earlier assessment. The average turnaround for a Copy Advice™ report is generally 5 days from the receipt of order. In an emergency, advertisers, agencies and media other than television can submit their requests for Express Copy Advice™, which is issued within 24 hours. Benefits of Copy Advice™ Impartial, reliable assessment of an advertising message design in terms of its compliance with the Code of Ethics in Advertising. Production and broadcast-related savings in the event where an advertisement would breach the provisions of the Code of Ethics in Advertising. Mitigation of the risk of consumers and companies suing an advertisement after it has been broadcast for ethical breaches or presenting a product or service in a controversial light.
  1. The Copy Advice™ service is a confidential assessment of whether a specific advertising message is compliant with the provisions of the Code of Ethics in Advertising or with generally accepted principles of ethics and good market practice. Copy Advice™ can be granted at any stage of the production of an advertising message.
  2. Copy Advice™ assessment may only be given for advertising messages that meet the definition of an advertisement, i.e. messages that specifically contain information or a statement, especially for a fee or other form of compensation, accompanying the activity of any entity, with the purpose of increasing sales of products or services, another form of use, or achieving another result that is desired by the advertiser. Advertisements also include sales promotion, targeted offers through direct marketing, or sponsorship. A broader definition of an advertisement is laid down in Article 3 of the Code of Ethics in Advertising (available at
  3. Assessments of advertising messages can be developed for an advertiser, medium, advertising agency, marketing agency or any other entity that places an order using the online form available at Placing an order imposes an obligation to pay for the assessment preparation service.
  4. The drafting of Copy Advice™ is charged at the rates indicated in the price list (available at Members of the Union of Associations Advertising Council can obtain five Copy Advice™ assessments per year free of charge.
  5. The Copy Advice® process is handled by the Office of the Advertising Council, which accepts applications and sends the final assessments back to the applicant. The work of the Team is coordinated by the General Director of the Council, who appoints from among the members of the Copy Advice™ Advertising Council Committee the members of the Committee who issue their opinion on a given advertising message.
  6. Copy Advice™ is developed by experts who are members of the Copy Advice Committee of the Union of Associations Advertising Council. The Copy Advice™ team includes a minimum of two independent marketing communications experts who are not active arbiters of the Advertising Ethics Committee.
  7. All communication related to the issuance of Copy Advice™, including the placement of the order, submitting the necessary resources and drafting the assessment, is done electronically. We recommend that orders be placed via the Copy Advice™ order form (available at
  8. By placing an order for the Copy Advice™ service, the ordering party accepts the Copy Advice™ Rules and agrees to pay the fee at the rates indicated in the price list referred to in Section 4 above. The invoice, on the basis of which payment is to be made, is submitted to the ordering party along with the Copy Advice™ assessment.
  9. Copy Advice™ is issued within the time limit no longer than five business days from the confirmation of acceptance of the Copy Advice™ application. Confirmation of acceptance of the application is sent by the Office of the Advertising Council in writing to the e-mail address specified by the ordering party.
  10. Any resources submitted to the Office of the Advertising Council for the purposes of Copy Advice™ are treated as confidential. These resources will not be returned and will be kept in the archive of the Advertising Council dedicated to the Copy Advice™ until the end of the statute of limitations for potential claims arising from the issuance of the opinion (as a rule, three years).
  11. The Union of Associations Advertising Council does not publish detailed information on the provided Copy Advice™. Only general statistical data on the drafted assessments are provided, but without indicating the sources of inquiries.
  12. Copy Advice™ is not a binding opinion; it is a set of merit-based recommendations and may contain recommendations that must be fulfilled for the advertisement to achieve compliance with the Code of Ethics in Advertising. A positive opinion by the Copy Advice™ team does not guarantee that no complaint will be lodged against the advertisement.
  13. In the event of lodging a complaint against the advertisement that received a positive opinion from the Copy Advice™ team, the Advertising Ethics Committee, when assessing the advertising message, is not obliged to take into account the Copy Advice™ provided on the advertising message in question. However, the information about the issued Copy Advice™ is submitted to the Adjudication Panel.

Members of the Union of Associations Advertising Council

  • Five opinions per year, free of charge, within the standard time limit of five business days
  • Each additional opinion within the standard time limit, i.e. five business days – PLN 1,000 net
  • Each opinion within the express time limit for members, i.e. 48 hours – PLN 1,500 net

Non-member companies and organizations

  • Opinion within the standard time limit, i.e. five business days – PLN 2,500 net
  • Opinion within the express time limit, i.e. 48 hours – PLN 4,500 net

    Add the files documenting the content, date, time, environment of the advertisement broadcast. Include screenshots from your disc. If you have multiple files, send them in one compressed (zipped) folder.

    I consent to the processing of my personal data by the data controller: The Union of Associations Advertising Council, with its registered office at ul. Grottgera 9/3, 00-785 in Warsaw, number KRS 0000253222, for the purpose of communication regarding the complaint I have filed and the process of examining it. I provide my personal data voluntarily and state that they are true. I have familiarized myself with the contents of the information clause, including information about the purpose and means of processing my personal data and the right to access and correct the contents of my personal data. I agree to receive correspondence as regards ordering the Copy Advice service to the electronic mail address (e-mail address) provided in the form.

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