Donata Wolińska holds the strategic role of Chief Marketing Officer at L’Oréal, which heads the transformation of an organization to one centered around the consumer, customer, based on data, modern technologies and optimization.
Over the years, she has also held a number of key positions on the management boards of international companies, such as Unilever and Tchibo GmbH. Donata managed commercial organizations as the General Manager of the Cosmetics Division of Cleaning Products as well as the Sales Director of Modern Trade at Unilever. She managed various categories and brands both locally as well as regionally, in the FMCG, eCommerce and own stores sales channels.
Her career began at a Unilever factory with production planning and logistics responsibilities. Donata Wolińska collaborated with Professor Dr. Rafał Ohme in the field of biometric neuromarketing research conducted, among others, for the American Advertising Association. She holds an advisory function on supervisory boards. Donata Wolińska is a graduate of a University of Economics. She also completed post-graduate doctoral studies at the Warsaw School of Economics (Finance and Management), University of Social Psychology (Social Psychology in Organization Development Management), ESADE (Retail Innovation) and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (Digital Marketing). She plays a role in the steering committee of the Coalition of Marketers for Better Research, being also a member of the IAA and a juror of the Effie Awards.