CEO at Communication Unlimited. An experienced CEO with many years of experience in the marketing and communications industry. Since 1991 in the advertising industry, Corporate Profiles DDB – Head of media department and co-founder of the first independent media house. For over 20 years co-owner and CEO of Communication Unlimited, the oldest independent marketing communication agency. A graduate of Warsaw University of Technology and University of Warsaw, holder of Executive MBA from the University of Ilinois and AMP at IESE Business School. Member of the Management Board of IESE Poland Alumni Chapter. More about Elżbieta Wojtczak: #DISCUSSINGBUSINESS: Elżbieta Wojtczak – Consumers want a better …; What do we buy when we are getting richer – YouTube; How to live in a better world? – Helpzy – Elżbieta Wojtczak – Videoportal.