Studied Management and Marketing at the University of Warsaw. Strategist, Creative Director, Mentor. Author of several successful product debuts, including Fitella. Co-founded several boutique advertising agencies. Cooperated with such brands as North Fish, ALMAR, Żabka, OSHEE, Wojas, Koral, Agora Radio Group, Bakalland, Polfarma and Pfizer. On a full-time basis he worked for Era GSM (now t-mobile), Food Care, OSHEE, where he was responsible for brands: OSHEE, Sonko, Kinga Pienińska.

He also worked on air in the media: Radio Zet and TV Podróże TV. Co-founder and from the beginning member of the Chapter of the contest Marketing Director of the Year. In the years 2018-2020 a member of the Chapter of EFFIE Poland. Currently Global CMO at Collian managing brands such as Jeżyki, Grześki, Familijne, Goplana, Śliwka Nałęczowska.

Author of the book MARKETHIC about ethical marketing, which will be published in the second half of 2021. Since 1992 a member of Mensa Poland. Among his broad interests are music (composing and singing), photography, filming, travel, culinary arts, quantum synchronicity, personal development, snowboard, kitesurfing. Conscious father of two sons.