CMO, member of the Management Board of the Association of the Employers of the Internet Industry IAB Poland. In IAB since November 2013. He is responsible for development, marketing communication and relations with association members. DIMAQ Trainer. Before joining IAB, he worked at Wirtualna Polska, where he held the position of Deputy Director of the advertising offer development department and was responsible for AdTotal’s multi-channel advertising network strategy, sales policy and implementation of new products, e.g. mobile advertising and RTB platform (2011-2013). Previously, he held the positions of Sales Director at dGCS SA and Sales Manager at Infor Lex, Infor PL group. In the years 2004-2009, he was PR and Marketing Director of Datev Symfonia. A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw and Postgraduate Managerial Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics.