The Advertising Council is a friendly and open organisation which is the conscience of the advertising market in Poland. For several years, we have been creating and promoting the highest standards in advertising, thus protecting consumers from unethical and unfair advertising messages. We work to support self-regulation and we strongly believe that this is the right and effective way to create proper standards in the market. Self-regulation is a declaration of responsibility of the industry for created and distributed advertisements. Together we make sure that the ads are not only good and effective, but also comply with the principles set out in the Code of Ethics in Advertising. Elimination of sub-standard ads benefits both consumers and those three environments that have decided to adopt self-regulation. Bad advertising, even if it is small in scope, if it offends or misleads the consumer, can significantly reduce confidence in other standards-compliant advertising messages.
The advantage of self-regulation is its flexibility – it reacts instantly to changing needs, which is essential in such a dynamic industry as advertising. Equally important is the joint agreement of all advertising communities: advertisers, media and advertising agencies and adapting them to the market reality, which guarantees that they will be widely respected. The self-regulatory system also offers a copy advice service, allowing you to consult on planned marketing activities at an early stage of their development. This allows you to avoid potential violations of advertising standards and unnecessary costs associated with campaign recall. If you share our values and are active in the advertising market and if you are concerned about the welfare of consumers, we invite you to cooperate within the framework of the Advertising Council.
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